Saint Achilios island, Prespes Lakes, North Greece


Born in Thessaloniki Greece, studied and worked in Heraclion Crete and Athens, I now live in Athens Greece.

I got my M.A. at the department of Communications and Mass Media in the Kapodestrian University of Athens, and I have worked on research in Political Communication and the Internet. I had acquired my Bachelor of Science, in the Physics dept at the University of Crete.

I've been a Co-founder and i'm working with nemo|online|, since 2006, before that i've been working, since 2004 for ALTEC TELECOMS as Product Development Manager, and before that for OTEnet as OTEnet Site(s) & Media Shop Section Manager since 2002, before that I was with METRON ANALYSIS, since 2000, as the head of the department of Research and Development on Internet Applications. I had also worked for the Foundation of the Hellenic World, since 1997, as the head of the Research and Development team of the Internet Department, and I was also appointed the technical head of the European Project AMUSE for the Crete University Press, since 1996. My areas of expertice are: Telecomunications, Internet Publishing & Services, Marketing and Communication. Developed from telecomunications products, Online marketing applications, Internet and Multimedia applications. I have developed many web sites for foundations, organizations, as well as some of the main Greek political sites, and cultural sites.

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